This is a guest article from Danyelle Sargent, who is an anchor at the NFL Network.


It is a word that holds incredible meaning and has the ability to motivate and inspire ordinary people to do extraordinary things.
By now we are all aware of Indianapolis Colts’ Head Coach Chuck Pagano’s battle with leukemia. As the Colts prepared to take on the Miami Dolphins at Lucas Oil Stadium on Sunday, November 4, 2012, Coach Pagano visited his team for the first time since having to leave the team in early October, and as he started to undergo his second round of treatment for leukemia, Pagano spoke to and inspired his team.
His words and presence were powerful. The result? First-year quarterback, Andrew Luck, threw for an NFL rookie-record 433 yards and helped lead his team to victory. The players’ comments were equally impressive. Veteran wide receiver Reggie Wayne said, “As a team, we know that probably his best medicine is for us to continue to win.” And defensive stalwart, Dwight Freeney, simply stated, “Forget the game, it was just good to see him on his feet.”
In his post-game speech, Coach Pagano told his team that “living in a vision and not living in circumstances” was critical to the success it experienced on the field and bringing home another victory, the team’s third consecutive win after starting 2-3. He emphatically stated to his now 5-3 Colts, You refused to live in circumstances and you decided consciously as a team and as a family to live in a vision…and that’s why you’re already champions and well on your way.”
The ability to inspire is a two-way street. As Coach Pagano faces a battle like none other, his courageous fight against (as he puts it) “his circumstances” is not only inspiring to his team but motivating to so many across the nation and around the world.
The importance and significance of being #Chuckstrong transcends sports. Coach Pagano’s approach is applicable to each of us in how we pursue our goals and in how we live our lives. There are going to be many detractors and naysayers along the journey and there will be obstacles in your path. But possessing the ability to live in the vision you have and not in the circumstances of what you are faced with is what will ultimately enable you to achieve the success you desire.
Let’s all start living in the vision and not in the circumstances we are facing.
Editor’s Note:
According to a USA Today (Monday, November 5, 2012) article, we have learned that Coach Pagano’s doctors have said he has passed the standard test administered to leukemia patients with flying colors. His oncologist and associate professor of medicine at the Indiana University Health Simon Cancer Center, Larry Cripe, said Pagano is now considered to be in remission. Although that doesn’t mean he’s cured, we know Coach Pagano will keep fighting.
And we’ll be right there with him.