Athlete Development

  • There’s so much hype, expectations and money thrown at today’s elite athletes—especially for a No. 1 overall selection. While there are countless stories of folks shrinking under such enormous pressure, Washington Wizards star guard John Wall is taking the road less traveled by embracing the lofty expectations placed upon him. [John Wall Wants To Prove He's A Franchise Star]
  • Many times, the saying “Birds of a feather flock together” could apply to almost anything but sports and/or education. Yet, the Associated Press recently reports a trend occurring with student athletes at BCS institutions “clustering” or choosing the same majors. With networking and building connections a major part of sports and career advancement, today’s athlete should take note of this development. [At BCS Schools, Players Tend To Pursue Same Major]
  • Imagine being the most recognizable and arguably best athlete in your sport, one of the youngest team captains and already a world champion. If you were injured and needed extra time to heal, would you take it, or would try to play through it while knowingly putting yourself at a greater long-term health risk? Well, these are some of the factors Pittsburgh Penguins star Sidney Crosby must weigh in deciding to return from a concussion that kept him out most of the 2010-11 NHL season. [Crosby Says His Concussion Symptoms Continue]
  • I ran across a really great opinion article on While the NFL players and affiliated employees start a new season with a CBA in place, the retired athletes face another year of uncertainty. Written by a former NFL player, this piece really sheds light on the short career span of the men who play America’s favorite sport. [For Retired NFL Players, Most Challenging 'Season' Just Beginning]
Human Relations
  • I congratulate MMA fighter Daniel Cormier for knocking out Antonio Silva this weekend. Any person who overcomes the loss of their father and infant daughter to pursue their dreams will have my support! [Cormier Makes A Living Off Beating The Odds]
  • As you prepare to travel, please keep in mind that you’re not just transporting yourself and perhaps others, you’re transporting lives! As the rest of the Mainland Regional High School football team resumes its practices without three players who were killed in a car accident last year, the Linwood, NJ natives have to use football to help cope with these lost lives. So, as a reminder, please be safe and drive in an alert state of mind. [For High School Team, A Loss That Goes Beyond Any Game]
  • Even though some people may criticize Cam Newton for creating his own obstacles, he is humbled by his past mistakes and displays a great attitude as he embarks on his pro career. It sure showed today! “The road that I’ve got to this point is what made the person I really am now,” he says. “If I just went to school without any hindrance, without any traps in my way, I don’t think I would have learned the lessons I have learned. I thank God I’ve been in so many situations to know when a particular situation comes up, whatever it is; I will know how to handle it. Good and bad.” [Scandals molded Newton enough to woo Carolina]
  • Elite athletes face the pressure to perform and the constant evaluation from peers, superiors and the public—pressure they have often experienced since a young age. They also experience pain—physical pain that leads to mental pain.  And then there is retirement. This is why depression is more common among elite athletes than the general population, especially in retirement. [Expert: NHL must be involved in mental health]