So, it’s finally here. Well, at least, “somewhat” here (albeit almost 90 days late).

Tiger is going to break his silence tomorrow morning. The media and the rest of the world that still even care about this story, ready themselves, waiting for the moment when they can pounce on Tiger. They will over analyze his every word, his every gesture and expression. They will critique what he says, the look in his eyes, and his level of sincerity. They will determine if he was sincere enough, did he show contrition, was he arrogant, and more.

“Tiger vs. The Media” has turned into a heavyweight fight of epic proportion in this digital age. Today’s pre-fight hype had every sports pundit, news anchor, gossip columnist, paparazzo, and whoever has an opinion on anything weighing in with their take. Throughout the day, I watched several of my colleagues and peers contribute to the national discussion. Like you, I heard every point of view on the situation. I was asked repeatedly, “Wes, what do I think about Team Tiger’s strategy?”

I will reserve my professional take on how they handle the situation until after tomorrow’s events unfold. Do I agree with the strategy? Some of it, yes, but most of it, no.

Remember, “It’s NOT a press conference,” and that means this is once again on Tiger’s terms. Is there anything wrong with that? Depends on whom you ask. Should he answer the tough questions and not have this environment so super controlled? I believe so.

What about his privacy? Well, you kind of lose that option when you are a billion dollar brand and hundreds of people make a living off of your performance and reputation because their brands have invested in you. You have enjoyed substantial financial gain from the sponsors and fans that have embraced you. You are essentially THE face of golf and the reason so many tune-in, so yes, there is a level of responsibility he has that cannot be ignored. Let’s hope these issues are addressed tomorrow.

 As for tomorrow? There’s no question Tiger will be on message. It will be interesting to see if he addresses the following:

1. His return to the sport.
2. Elin (and if she'll be present and by his side).
3. The events that have unfolded over the past three months.
4. The accident, the extra-marital activity, the sex addiction and his trip to the "Duchovny-ville" sex addiction camp.
5. The real issue - the cover-up and the hypocrisy involved and the absolute lack of accountability.

Just remember tomorrow as you watch, the most important thing undergirding this non-press conference: The PGA needs Tiger. Period. And Tiger needs to rebuild his reputation. His fall from grace is well documented and now the road to recovery begins.

Golf benefits tremendously when he plays. Tiger is still the best golfer in the world and the ratings skyrocket when he’s on the course. Think about what they will be when he actually returns. I know you’re going to tune in. We all are. We can't help ourselves. It's the society we live in, yes, but we want to see how he's going to fare on the links.

So what should you expect from tomorrow’s softball meeting? Don’t expect anything Earth-shattering tomorrow. The room will be filled with friends, associates and media "friendlies," unable to ask questions. This is a one-way conversation designed to “begin the process” of moving forward. I would expect something that lands somewhere between Kobe’s confession with Vanessa by his side and A-Rod’s “I’m With Stupid” presser last year.

Stay tuned…