I am excited to announce two new series of blogs I will begin posting weekly in addition to my normal posts - NBA interviews and book reviews.

NBA Interviews

I will interview every willing NBA player I can and ask them a handful of standard questions regarding their thoughts and experiences on basketball strength & conditioning.  My goal is to share their insights with you so you can hear first hand what the best players in the world think about proper training.

In addition to listing their name, team, years in the NBA, and the college they attended, I will ask them questions such as:

  •     At what age (or grade) did you first start lifting weights?
  •     How do you feel like it helped your game?
  •     Why do you think strength & conditioning for basketball players is important?
  •     What does your off-season training program consist of now?
  •     What is the biggest difference between playing in college and in the NBA?
  •     Yourself excluded, who do you think puts in the most work in the off-season?

I will post each interview, answers dictated verbatim, as often as I conduct them.

Book Reviews
Many of you know I set a goal in January to read 50 books in 2009.  As we approach the year’s midway point, I am currently ahead of schedule, as I am on pace to have 33 read by July 1st!  I read (and listen) to books on a variety of topics, but nearly all are within 7 degrees of my two favorite topics – success and leadership.  I plan to post a weekly book review to share my thoughts and evaluation of several of the books I read, as well as a quick synopsis of what I learned.  If you are as into your own professional development as I am, you will want to check this out!

I will continue to make my weekly blog posts in addition to these two new series and will most certainly provide updates and insight to the camps I will be working (such as the NBA Players Association Top 100 Camp and the Vince Carter, Paul Pierce, and LeBron James Nike Skills Academies).  As always, I very much welcome your comments and feedback.  Don’t ever hesitate to drop me a direct line at Alan@StrongerTeam.com.

Also remember to subscribe to www.YouTube.com/StrongerTeamDotCom and check out the latest exercise of the week and clips from the camps I work.  And if you want the inside scoop on the summer training scene, as well as daily motivational quotes, follow me on Twitter at www.Twitter.com/AlanStein.

Train hard.  Train smart.

Alan Stein