"Strive to be number 1.”  - Darwin Salaam Sr....  Although some famous mind made this statement prevalent in our society, my father instilled this ideal in my head my entire life, and now at 22 striving to be number 1 is the only option I am blessed to see that exists... this statement is now prevalent in my own head.  Whether I was in school, or on the field/court, my Dad always encouraged me to be #1.  I started 31 straight games at my first Alma Mater Sparkman High in Harvest, Alabama.  While my personal statistics were stellar, our team was not.  Over three years our record was 11-20, college coaches did not find that to be interesting enough for me to be recruited.  My collegiate opportunity came by way of scholarship to Stillman College in Tuscaloosa...

Stillman is where my Process to being the best WR of all time began; I use past tense because everything I have been through helps get to where I am going.  One may ask, "where does he think he is going?”  My reply to that is that I am going to use every bit of energy and all the passion in my heart to live my dream, instead of dream my dream...  Once a person on this Earth realizes that their dream is not just in their thoughts anymore, and they can actually start to see the dream take place in their life our dreams become our destiny.  I am living my dream, and now pursuing my destiny!

-Darwin "the Bomb" Salaam #12

"I can accept failure, but I can't accept not trying."

-Michael Jordan