Hi, my name is James Askwith and I’m going to be your resident soccer expert within the Access Athletes community. Although I will be operating as the soccer expert, my sporting background is a diverse and complicated one. I will be using all of my sporting experience so that I can offer the best possible advice and guidance in all sporting areas to anyone who may need it. 

My competitive sporting career started while serving in the British Army, where I took part in several sports including boxing, rugby union and soccer. Having completed my time in the forces, I then left to play national level rugby league. Unfortunately, this was short lived due to injury and I had to pursue other sporting interests. Whilst looking for other things, I came across a government led initiative called ‘Sporting Giants’. This was a campaign looking for athletes with a background in team sports who could be re-trained in other sports in preparation for the London 2012 Olympics. 

From approximately 50,000 applicants, I got down to the final 50 and was invited to try out for several sports, but again, due to injury couldn’t go any further in the process. In late 2009, I will be launching my own sports company in the UK, which is going to help mentor young aspiring sports men and women. 

My goals are to help Access Athletes establish a base within the UK and further into Europe, in which they can establish an international network of sports enthusiasts. 

I hope you will take the time to re-visit my page and look out for my future blogs.