President Obama was trying to get a $960 Billion dollar stimulus plan passed through the Senate before the weekend.  What does that mean for you the normal citizen?  In my opinion, not very much.  Before you see any of the true effects of this money, it will be years down the road, not months, and it will not be something you will want to hear.  I am not trying to scare you with this information. I am merely trying to prepare you, so that you can face the brutal facts that we are in a whole lot of trouble.  In my 39 years, I have never seen so many people losing their jobs, homes, life savings, getting ripped off by financial advisors, filing for bankruptcy, defaulting on their credit card, not having medical insurance and I could probably go on with more.  This will not end tomorrow or in the next 2 years. 

So let's get to what a Life Coach would be coaching you on today, if you called me and asked me for help:

1.  We would sit down and assess your financial fitness.  How long will you be able to go without having some income coming into your home? 

2.  Prospects for employment:  Whatever your industry is, what is the outlook for your type of job being open to new hires, in the short-term? 

3.  Are all your monthly expenses current:  Have you defaulted on any or all of your bills (home, car, credit cards, Insurance, ect.)  Is your phone ringing off the hook, and you wish it would stop??

4. Lifestyle: Are you able or willing to make the necessary lifestyle changes you are going to need to make? 

5. Family support: Is there anybody else you can get some family support from?

Generally, I would help you get the best possible answers to these questions and situations mentioned above.  We would make a game plan, then I would help you implement this plan.

Before you can even think about how much President Obama and their stimulus package is going to help you, you will need to address these important issues in your life.  Times are going to get tougher, and you will need someone to help you make heads or tails of all this mess.  If you need someone, please send me an e-mail to  If you do not contact me, just get help somewhere.

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