I decided to bring back the Athlete Weekly Rundown column, but this time around, it will be structured a little bit differently. Each week, we will bring you three categories of stories: (1) Athletic Development (2) Business and (3) Human Relations.

What a wild week it has been with Cam Newton being declared eligible and LeBron James returning to Cleveland last night. I'm looking forward to the heated AFC North match-up between the Ravens and Steelers on Sunday Night Football. If you have an article that would be beneficial to athletes, please send it my way (matt at accessathletes dot com).

Athletic Development


  • Keyon Dooling realizes that being a professional athlete is short-lived and is building himself a nice little empire of businesses. [Keyon Dooling Talks Business]

Human Relations

  • I'm tired of reading columns about LeBron James, but Whitlock's column raises some good questions about whether LeBron's antics will keep him from reaching his full potential. [Sorry, but LeBron's a lost cause]