Golfer Asks for Restraining Order on Doping Suspension

Pay attention to your meds. This is a hyper-critical time for all sports and their drug issues. Sports officials are trying to gain control of the situation and handing down harsh penalties on players testing positive to set examples. It seems that the real reasons behind a positive drug test don't matter and a penalty will still be issued in most cases.

So again I say, pay attention to your meds. If you're sick and are going to be taking some medications, ask your doctor what it is and ask your coach and athletic department if it's okay. Many players have tested positive and faced sanctions because they tested positive for a substance used to help with a legitimate medical condition.

This is especially true for vitamins and supplements. I think it goes without saying, but just to make sure check with your coaches. You have control over the supplements you take so make sure the ones you end up taking are in keeping with the sport you're playing and the rules of your conference. These vary from sport to sport and conference to conference, so don't rely on what your friend playing a different sport says.

Be careful or you could cost yourself playing time, scholarships or draft spots.

NCAA Study: Athletes continue to disregard rules, gamble on sports

I need not say more. It's just dumb and you're going to get caught. Don't destroy the integrity of the game anymore than the mass invasion of performance enhancers has.

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