Contentious campaign, critical vote for NFLPA's top job

The loss of Gene Upshaw was a huge one for the sport and especially the players. Upshaw did many things that upset many people, but no one can deny that he wasn’t there for the players. He is the reason that ex-players have a better pension and benefits and he made large strides for the players. His loss also came at a time when the players are about to negotiate with the NFLMC for a new collective bargaining agreement. The new Executive Director of the NFLPA will have a chance to make his name known and leave a legacy right from the start. The union needs a strong leader and these elections will determine if the players have found someone to fill the void left by Gene Upshaw.

Marquis Cooper: A one-of-a-kind loss

The loss of Marquis Cooper is a reminder for everyone not to take their lives and especially their careers for granted. It can be taken away at any time and no one wants to leave anything on the field or leave regrets. So train as hard as you can and more importantly enjoy the game you’re playing.

Ravens' Chester, other players tackle their futures after NFL

All players know their careers will not last forever; however, many neglect to prepare for that fact and end up spending all of their income. The NFL and their Business Management and Entrepreneurial Program have it right and help players get more education after their careers. Even if players finished college and graduated before entering the draft, it’s typically been years from the end of their college careers when they are finished playing in the NFL. They need a little reminding of the materials they learned. It’s important for players to enhance and maintain their livelihoods after their careers and this program is a great way to accomplish just that.

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