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"Matthew Allinson's work is both journalistically sound and helpful to aspiring athletes. I found his questions to me pertinent and wise. Matthew has an insight into today's athlete and his 'mission' is welcome in this age of 'me first' reporting. I highly endorse Matthew Allinson's website."
-Roy Firestone, Award-Winning Sports Broadcaster and Critically Acclaimed Performer,  www.RoyFirestone.com

"Having been a contributor to, and reader of, Access Athletes/The Real Athlete Blog for almost a year now, I have to say that I have always been impressed both with the content and direction of the website.  I am fortunate enough to work in the professional sports arena as a soccer Players' Agent and, when conducting my own research, I can say that I have not yet come across another site which succeeds in providing such balanced and informative views as this website.  What comes across for me is the genuine desire to assist aspiring athletes in accomplishing their goals of forging a solid career.  I believe that the job of an Agent is to be such a conduit between those hopes and their realisation; hence, to have such a great resource as AA/TRAB at hand is incredibly useful."
-Max Eppel, Employed Barrister at McFaddens LLP, www.mcfaddenslaw.co.uk

“Matt Allinson and the staff at Access Athletes are on a mission to educate athletes in a variety of capacities… and they are doing an outstanding job. Their site is an excellent educational forum and a tremendous resource to athletes and coaches of all ages and levels.”
-Alan Stein, Professional Basketball Strength & Conditioning Coach, www.StrongerTeam.com

"Access Athletes is a valuable resource for athletes. Founder, Matt Allinson, works hard to locate experienced professionals in the sport industry to contribute featured columns through The Real Athlete Blog."
-Susan Zaro, Sports Psychology Consultant, www.sportshealthcounseling.com

"I want to thank Access Athletes for the wonderful article that they wrote about me and my company Coastal Advisors, LLC. The site is very informative and has some great readings about other people in sports that I might not know about and services that they can offer to me and my clients. It states everything these young athletes need to understand. Thanks to Kelly Davies for sitting with me and sending out my message. Matt, keep up the great work and continued success!!!!!!!!!!!!"
-Richard "Big Daddy" Salgado, President of Coastal Advisors, LLC, www.coastaladvisorsllc.com

"Having gotten to know Matt over the last year, I can safely say that he is taking his website, and more importantly the ideas behind it, in the right direction. The web has always needed a place where athletes can share ideas, get educated on new ideas, and give advice, and www.accessathletes.com has become that place. Thank you for letting me be a small part of it."
-Mark Slipock, Owner of The Law Offices of Mark Slipock, APLC, http://retiredathlete.com/

"I think that Access Athletes is great for all professional athletes to become educated as well as gain guidance to enhance their life on all levels. I truly believe in the vision and I know that as a professional athlete we all can benefit from Access Athletes. This is a great service and it's designed to help us grow and become more knowledgeable in different areas. I am certainly glad that I had a chance to meet Matt and learn about Access Athletes."
-Corey Jackson, Motivational Speaker and Former NFL Player

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