New Edge Performance is a dedicated group of professionals committed to helping athletes maximize their performance. According to their website, “our vision for athletes is assisting them to be the best they can be by evaluating the key emotional intelligence performance indicators, highlighting the athlete’s strengths and limits and providing education on how to strengthen the competencies.”

New Edge Performance also works with coaches by giving them access to a world-class tool, the Emotional Intelligence Sports Inventory (ESi) to assess and develop the key performance indicators in athletes. Their educated and highly skilled team works together to empower individuals and teams to move beyond their comfort zone and achieve their greatest potential. We had a chance to chat with John Haime, the President of New Edge Performance Inc.

Michelle Hill: How do you help your potential clientele realize how much they can benefit from your services?
John Haime:  Athletes generally understand the importance of the mental/emotional game in sports—but they are often unaware of where to get help to improve their game and how to go about it.
We simplify the process by having an online tool that athletes can take in 25 minutes—giving them a nice picture of their mental/emotional capabilities. This starts the process for the athlete (and coach) of understanding what may be holding the athlete back—and helps them identify their strengths.
We also have had some great successes with a variety of athletes—so pointing out to athletes that we have worked with athletes just like them who have achieved their dream goal, inspires the athlete to take the initiative to develop their mental/emotional game.
Michelle: What type of mental obstacles do you encounter when your clients approach you for your service?
John:  It really varies from athlete to athlete. All athlete challenges are often rooted in several key areas. One is a lack of confidence created by a variety of factors from parental influences to poor coaching to lack of goal setting. Many challenges are rooted in a lack of self-awareness—an athlete not truly understanding their strengths, limitations, trigger points, fears, control factors and other important areas they must understand about themselves. We help that athlete understand themselves so that under pressure they clearly understand what they can and can’t do—and can maximize their talents. 
Michelle: What specific tools and tests do you utilize when helping your clients overcome mental blocks?
John: We begin with the Emotional Intelligence Sports Inventory (ESi)—a 77 question, 25 minute assessment that measures the key behaviors that separate average and elite athletes. Athletes are measured against a large database of elite athletes to see where they stack up. The ESi is a science and research-based tool that has been validated—and research is ongoing. We also use customized goal plans, strengths and limitations assessments and other small tools to gain information about the athlete. We use a five-step process with our clients featuring the ESi assessment as the cornerstone.
Michelle: a) At what point in the interaction with your clients do you recommend a direct course of action?  b) What determines which coaching program you recommend?
John: In order to recommend courses of action, first steps include discovery (getting to know the athlete, interviewing coaches, parents, other influences) assessment with the ESi and creating the athlete’s Action Plan from the ESi assessment and goal planning. From all of the information we gather, it becomes clear what is preventing the athlete from reaching their goals and inhibiting their performance. When we isolate the limitations and “blocks,” we then make recommendations on strategies to help the athlete get out of their own way.
Our process is fundamental to what an athlete needs—a development process for the mental/emotional game. We do not put “band-aids” on our clients for short-term gain. We give our clients a solid mental/emotional foundation that lasts over time—similar to the physical “fundamentals” in most sports.
Michelle: How do you manage and evaluate the success of your clients?
John: Success is determined by the performance of the athlete—and their results. Our athletes ultimately gain confidence, understand themselves and understand what causes them to underperform. This results in better performance on the field, court, course, ice, etc. We will also re-assess our clients and see the “spikes” in scoring on assessments.
Michelle: How do you feel when one of your clients finds great success as a result of utilizing your techniques and mental training methods?
John: The primary reason I do what I do is to make a contribution to an athlete’s career (and life)—and gain the satisfaction that I have helped someone/team maximize their potential and reach the top of their “game”. Recently many of my athletes have achieved their “dream” goals—which is highly satisfying.
We also receive feedback from athletes, parents, owners of teams, coaches, etc. on how the work not only helped the athlete in sport—but added value to their life in general—which is very rewarding.
Michelle: What type of client could reap the most results from New Edge Performance services?
John: Any athlete interested in enhancing their performance and maximizing their talent. We work with some of the world’s top athletes, professionals, aspiring young athletes and the competitive athlete wanting to gain more satisfaction from better performance in their sport.
New Edge Performance is a special alliance between RocheMartin Inc. and New Edge Performance Inc. The two companies are led by leading experts in emotional intelligence, performance and psychometrics. John Haime and Dr. Martyn Newman lead the New Edge Performance team of specialists.
John Haime is President of New Edge Performance Inc. John is a leading expert in emotional intelligence as it relates to performance. He is a former world tournament professional golfer and international consultant in the area of performance and emotional intelligence. He has worked with some of the world’s top companies, leaders and performers to help them reach the next level of performance. He is the author of You are a Contender! Build Emotional Muscle to Perform Better and Achieve More … in Business, Sports and Life published by Morgan James (New York).
Martyn Newman is President of RocheMartin Inc. Martyn is a consulting Psychologist and leading expert in emotional intelligence as it relates to performance and leadership. He has held senior academic positions at leading universities in Australia and Europe. He is the author of Emotional Capitalists—The New Leaders. He is the co-author of the Emotional Capital Inventory and the Emotional Intelligence Sports Inventory (ESi). Martyn received his Ph.D. from the University of Sydney and MA from the University of California, Berkeley.
If you desire to elevate your mental game and gain the edge in your field of play, check out their website at and contact New Edge Performance at or 613.296.6636.
Michelle Hill is the Strong Copy Quarterback at Winning Proof. She helps current and retired pro athletes increase their success score by writing website content and other marketing material.