Athlete Development

  • This article is full of lessons. But to me the biggest takeaway is you have to ask yourself why you are playing the game? What is your motivation? Love of the game? Money? Fame? Jason Wright was not getting enough satisfaction from playing in the NFL. In the article Wright, who spent seven seasons in the NFL, says, "That was the thing that was on my mind, the biggest hiccup. What's the motive behind me playing longer? What is it in there that draws me? So people would know my name? For me, it was superficial. For me and my family, and our belief in God, it wasn't a good enough motivation." [Jason Wright passes up NFL contract to attend business school]
  • Getting sent down to the minors is always a tough pill for any baseball player to swallow. But given what Logan Morrison has been through after losing his father to cancer and his brother to a car accident, Logan is battling more than any 23-year-old should have to at his age to get back to playing for the Florida Marlins. I highly suggest you read this heart-wrenching Outside The Lines story by Amy K. Nelson. [Marked For Life]
  • Injuries are a part of sports, especially in such an extremely physical sport like football. Yet, sustaining injuries from practicing too hard is not common. An investigative committee recommended that the University of Iowa football program abandon its intense workouts that resulted in 13 student-athletes being hospitalized. Prospective athletes looking at programs, please research their workouts, practices and training. Always factor your health and safety into which school you ultimately select. [Iowa Football Players' Injuries Blamed On Brutal Workouts By Report] 
  • Far too often athletes make the news for lawsuits stemming from an altercation either they or a member of their entourage were engaged in. It’s quite rare to hear about an athlete suing others. Yet, Braylon Edwards aims to collect money he claims he lost in free agency after being falsely linked to a fight at a restaurant that he didn’t take participate in. [Braylon Edwards Sues Restaurant  After Altercation]
Human Relations
  • Taunting and heckling from fans is as much a part of sports, especially professional sports, as home field/ice advantage is. I guess it’s one of the ways sports fans (like me) feel they contribute to the outcome of a game. But there’s no place for hateful or derogatory taunts. A major shout-out to Flyers winger Wayne Simmonds, who ignored nearly being hit with a banana to score in a shootout against the Detroit Red Wings. Simmonds is one the NHL’s few African-American players in the league. [Banana thrown at Wayne Simmonds]
  • Arizona Cardinals DT Darnell Dockett turned to football as a teenager to overcome the graphic murder of his mother and death of his father. He’s now a Pro Bowler in the NFL. [Ghosts of the Past: Darnell Dockett]
  • Kudos to Vikings RB Adrian Peterson, who pledged to donate money for every touchdown he scores to a charity for at-risk children and to fight human trafficking. Actor Ashton Kutcher will match the NFL All-Pro’s donation. [Adrian Peterson, Ashton Kutcher Team For Charity]