Athlete Development

  • NFL rookie QB Cam Newton had lots of expectations coming into this season, as well as many critics who questioned his ability and work ethic to run an NFL offense. After setting several league records with the Carolina Panthers, Newton’s head coach and several teammates discuss the level of commitment the Rookie of the Year candidate displays on Sundays. [Work Habits, Once Questioned, Are a Key to Newton’s Success]
  • Derrick Rose will never let a lucrative contract extension dampen his desire to improve his game. "“Knowing that nobody ever in my neighborhood ever saw that kind of money and knowing the background that I came from, the struggles that I went through, it’s just going to make me work harder. That’s the only thing that I thought about: I’m never satisfied. No matter how much money I have or whatever, I will never be satisfied as a player.” [Rose held firm by his Chicago roots]
  • DeMarcus Cousins better start listening to Kurt Thomas' advice or he won't be in the League for long. Thomas told ESPN, "This is a business.  You're not playing for just one team, you're playing for the 29 other teams. You've got to keep playing, keep your head. A lot of guys think it's all show. You've got to keep your head." [Cousins Must Grow Up -- On Another Team]
  • One things that each of us must remember, pro athletes included, is that we must be proactive in settling debts or they will come back to haunt us. Cowboys WR Dez Bryant is being sued by a financial company in New York for failing to pay back $50,000 of a $100,000 loan. [Report: N.Y. Company Pursuing Dez Bryant for Unpaid Loan]
Human Relations
  • As important as pursuing our dreams are, it's always healthy to keep things in perspective about what’s most important to us. For Tennessee WR DeAnthony Arnett, his family is top priority. The first-year starter requested a release to play for a college program closer to his father who has been seriously ill. “I want to play football but I NEED to be here for my Dad and with my family,” Arnett told ESPN in an e-mail. [DeAnthony Arnett of Tennessee Volunteers Seeks Transfer to be Near Family]
  • Sixers point guard Lou Williams recently avoided a potentially dangerous situation without even knowing it. The NBA star was approached by a gunman who planned to rob him but suddenly had a change of heart. Why? According to Williams, “A guy tried to rob me but decided not to because of whatever I do in the community. He's a Lou Williams fan so he didn't rob me.” [Gunman Balks at Robbing NBA Star]
  • Nets forward Dennis Horner’s journey to the NBA is one that could certainly be a feel-good movie. Yet, while the 23-year-old was fortunate by “being in the right places at the right time,” he also has made the most of his opportunity by displaying a strong work ethic and discipline. [For Nets Forward Horner, Longshot NBA Dream Comes True]