Athlete Weekly Rundown, 10/28/08

by Tim Ryan 10-24-2008 02:00 AM

This week focuses on the importance and consequences associated with academics during sports, the necessary treatment of an on-the-field neck injury, and the highly probable chances of sustaining an ankle or foot injury in basketball.

Penn State’s Quarterback Finds His Footing, in Class and on the Field  
Academics is one of the most preached about aspects of amateur sports and is also one that is most overlooked by young athletes. Many young athletes hear the lecture and think that their dreams can never be shattered by something as minute as ink in the form of a letter on a piece of paper. However, many times this is a lesson that kids have to learn the hard way and one that sometimes has irreversible consequences. Luckily for Clark and the Nittany Lions, his mistakes were able to be corrected and he has been allowed to flourish on the football field. He almost lost that opportunity because of overlooking his grades. He is now going to finish college early and enter a graduate program. Keep this in mind when you’re considering not finishing that assignment. Also, remember that even the most successful and lengthy careers end at some point and the athlete must have something to fall back on when the checks stop coming in. That house still has a mortgage and taxes. That car still has insurance payments. A strong academic background will help an athlete in the long run.
Study Confirms Best Way To Transport Youth With Football Neck Injuries 
This article is more of a prevention and useful knowledge article should something as traumatic as a neck injury happen to a player during a game. Keep in mind that this does not certify you as a paramedic, but in the event that paramedics are unavailable or while waiting for them, here is something important for maintaining the player’s health.
Study Confirms Best Way To Transport Youth With Football Neck Injuries 
For all our court ballers out there, watch your ankles and feet. If you are susceptible to ankle injuries or have had some in the past, gear up and put some protection on your joints. Ankle splints and braces will do wonders to prolong your career because every injury further deteriorates that body part and your playing time.

As always, any questions or comments send them my way at Enjoy the games this weekend, and let's watch those Nittany Lions continue their road to Miami.

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