What's good people? It's the big mouth barber runnin his mouth as usual. As we all see now, Ohio State is starting to get its Troy Smith swagger back. The d is starting to get stingy again, but good OLD Tressell still refuses to open up the playbook past 1968 style football.

The past two game didn't impress me. We won, but after watching the games, I can see why the BCS hasn't moved us back into the top 10. The only shot we have is to hope Penn State doesn't take a loss and we beat them, as well as about 10 more upsets in the BCS.  

I think Tressel winning a championship so soon has made him believe that his style will work forever but...anyway according to a few players who have transfered (Henton, Dukes...), the players are sick of hearing about being the quote class of NCAA football and would perfer to be the dogs of the NCAA like the rep most of the S.E.C. teams have. The talent can't maximize its potential and the players are discouraged from being who they are. As we call it, they are "bein Tresselized."

When we played USC, their players were on the sideline talkin s**t, getting hyped up, giving high fives to the coaches, and basically clowning us. We had to be cool and not say or do anything or jeopardize playing time. "Pretty much he wants us to play football with a golfers attitude," this from a starter. "He recruits dogs, but asks them to act like cats," from another starter." "We are under such a microscope, you try not to even celebrate too much because you'll get benched," from yet another starter. 

In Tressel's defense, he is teaching kids the right things and trying to avoid another Clarett situation, but at a cost that has been embarrasing the program on the field in the big games where he should let the dogs out.

If coach Cooper would have had a winning record against the maize and blue, there would be no Tressel, as well as we might have 1-2 more rings. Cooper wasn't scared to put 60 up on someone. Hopefully, Coach T will wake up and start using his talent to its full potential cause jJoePa sure is and his team is responding...ohh yeah Tressel still knows how to get em to the league just as good as anyone that's why they keep comming...

As usual, here are answers to a few questions I'm sure everybody has about this week's game...straight from the players.
(1) What are the players saying about the upcoming game this weekend versus Michigan State?  Is the D going to be able to put the clamps on Ringer? This game will help gauge how good they really are as a unit because player for player we are the better team, we just have to avoid big plays and we have to pressure the QB on defense.

(2) Are they looking ahead to the big matchup versus Penn State? It's too hard not to because the media has called that game the changing of the powerhouse in the Big 10.

(3) What is missing from the Bucks offense? Play calling.

(4) How has Pryor handled being thrown into the starting job as a true freshman? Pryor came in with a swagger like a champion so this is the best thing for him because it gives him a season to develop on the field versus learning from the bench. He is definitely glad Henton left or he'd still be on the bench.