Welcome back to the third installment of the word on the street from the big mouth barber on campus at Colors Barber Shop where all the elite athletes come for cuts

What's happenin it's your boy EXTREME...Mr. cooler than a fan in iceland, sittin in an air conditioned room drinkin ice tea. LOOK, lets be real, I don't know how to gauge the buckeyes yet, but the future is lookin better than the past. Kurt Coleman gettin two picks last week, one Sportscenter top 10 worthy. Beans coming back, Pryor getting suited into his inevitable starting roll, and the most important factor, the team is playing with a chip on their shoulder. The buckeyes should be heading to some sort of BCS bowl and winning if Tressel opens up the playbook.

Big Mouth also apologizes for the hiatus last week after the demoralizing USC loss. He has nothing to say about that game, but NOT AGAIN.  After the first three questions, you can see what Big Mouth had to say about the USC game further down the column.

(1) From the reports, Tressel has said that Beans will start Saturday against Minnesota, barring any major setback in practice this week with his sore toe.  How do you think he will perform? He will be the missing spark along with Pryor to hopefully set off the buckeyes offense and motivate the D. Beans will run for a 140+ yards.

(2) What is the chatter from the team about Boeckman losing his starting role and backing up Pryor? Any reaction from Boeckman himself? Todd's interview on the news sounded like he was expecting it, but as far as the chatter IT'S ABOUT F'N TIME...

(3) What does the team think about people around the Big10 touting Penn State as the best team? DON'T FORGET ABOUT WISCONSIN, AS WELL AS ILLINOIS WHO BEAT THE BUCKS LAST YEAR. The players are feeling like it's a slap in the face because they feel they are the better athletes and more seasoned unit, but coaching is a factor. Fortunately for us, most of the Big10 plays the same type of NFL style football instead of the college style spread that has taken over and shut down Tressel...p.s. MICHIGAN might have their spread offense down pat by the final game of the season... ohh ohh        

Ohio State-USC Game

(1) What would you say was the biggest factor leading to the blowout against USC? There is a difference between the attitude of a winner and the attitude of a champion... there is also a difference between a good coach and a good recruiter.

(2) What do you say to the critics that say OSU chokes in big games...it's been three in a row now (2 National Championships games and #1 USC)? Players can only use the plays that are called...We need to leave Woody Hayes football in the 1900's and welcome ourselves into the millinium...

(3) Were the players upset with Tressel's conservative play-calling during the USC game? H*LL YES! The word is if we had Carroll as the coach and they had Tressel, the score would have been the other way around. This is from players... talent for talent they weren't that good, but they did their homework and the better coached team won.

(4) What does Beanie Wells think of Tressel's decision to keep him out of the big game, which might end up costing OSU another try at a National Championship? Lets just say Beans is being politically correct.

(5) What did the fans say in C-bus after that brutal game? We saw the same game as everyone else so your answer is NOTHING.

The way our players are being coached seems as if someones pockets are being greased for big games. I was told last year they did not use 80% of the plays they practiced for the BCS...makes me wonder????????????