Due to the fact that I can't give out any names for quotes yet, I will make it as obvious as I can. After talking to a few DB's, LB's, RB's and Linemen from The Ohio State University, this is the word on the street from the big mouth barber on campus at Colors Barber Shop where all the elite athletes come for cuts.

(1) What do you expect for the season? National championship or nothin.

(2) What is it like being on a team with the pre-season offensive (Chris "Beanie" Wells) and defensive player (James Laurinitis) of the year candidates and Heisman Hopefuls? It helps bring recognition to the other 10 players on the field because we are stacked.
(3) How does it feel to go into the season ranked #2 by the AP, when the team has been in the National Championship game the last 2 years?  Last year the team overachieved, but this year it's expected.
(4) What adjustments do you think you need to make during the season to win the National Championship game this year? QB play, play-calling, and the fact that we are more experienced.
(5) What is it like playing with frosh phenom Terrelle Pryor? What role do you see him playing on the team this year?   He is a little arrogant, but his talent justifies that. That's why back ups have been transfering out [Editor's Note: QB Antonio Henton to Georgia Southern and QB Robby Schoenhoft to the University of Delaware]. Terrelle will play, if he doesn't start...

If you ask me, this will be a season to remember considering how many people let the NFL wait to complete a mission and silence the critics (Carson Palmer).