As of the last 10 games, we are 7-3 and we have a 5 game winning streak. The San Angelo Colts are an amazing group of guys to play with. It has been a lot of fun being here. We finished out the first half of the season and we did make the playoffs. And thus far, we are off to a great start for the second half.

I made 3 appearances in the last 5 games and I have given up 1 earned run and had 4 strikeouts. I am focusing on the positives and the fact that I have been pitching a lot is a great feeling. Doc Edwards is awesome to play for. With all of his many years of Major League experience as a player and manager, you cannot help but get better when you are in his presence. I am pretty fortunate to be a part of this ball club and I know that this will be a great stepping stone in the right direction for me.

My velocity has consistently been in the 90s and I plan to keep it that way. I have a consistent routine that I have been sticking too. My workouts consist of a lot of strengthening and fast twitch exercises. When you play for a team that comes out to win everyday, your approach to your day is to always be prepared and to have a plan for when you get your shot at being on the mound.

I know that I always start to decide what kind of a day I am going to have before the game starts and during the game I watch what situations are developing and prepare myself mentally to come into the game, either to face a left handed hitter or to throw a couple of inning of late relief. There is no better feeling than when you are on the hill in competition and the game is in your hands. I have had that experience in quite a few appearances this year and have come out successful in the majority of them. Right now I am focused on getting the job done in every outing and giving my chance a team to win every time I step on the hill. I am looking forward to the rest of my time here and keeping my eyes on the Big Leagues.