I am extremely fortunate to you let you know I am writing this blog as I sit poolside at the Alana Doubletree Hotel in Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii. I am here on a trip with Montrose as we are playing in the 26th annual Nike Iolani Classic. I have been privileged to have taken this trip six times over the course of my seven year stint as Montrose’s strength & conditioning coach. This trip is always extremely therapeutic for me. The long flight as well as the daily morning workouts on the beach give me ample time to reflect and evaluate the past year as well as brainstorm and plan for the New Year. 

This post will give you some insight to the myriad of new programs, events, and products I plan to launch in 2010 (Twenty-Ten). I am going to take my game to the next level this coming year and I hope to assist and motivate you into doing the same! 

On a personal note, my beautiful wife and I are expecting twin boys in late March. We are absolutely elated and look forward to the joy (and challenge) of raising children. I plan to give them the first few years of their life off before the mandatory workouts begin. Just kidding… Official workouts won’t start until they are at least 8 years old. Hey, they’ve got to be focused early if they want to be the starting backcourt in the 2028 McDonalds game! All kidding aside, we are overwhelming excited and thankful to welcome children into our lives. 

OK, now on to business. Here is a glimpse of what’s to come in 2010: 

1) Clinics: My Cutting Edge Reaction, Quickness, and Agility for Basketball clinic series was a raving success this past fall. I got an opportunity to impact hundreds and hundreds of players and coaches. I am currently finalizing my spring tour schedule and have tentative agreements to hold clinics in Virginia, Florida, Wisconsin, Maryland, Ohio, Texas, Missouri, Iowa, and Georgia. I hope to finalize exact dates, times, and locations in January and will post the schedule on my homepage. 

2) Downloads: I am pleased to have received tons of positive feedback about the downloadable documents I have for sale at http://Shop.StrongerTeam.com. I plan to offer nearly a dozen new downloads in January and February on these topics:

· ACL Injury Prevention

· Training Young Players (ages 10-13)

· Basketball Jump Rope Program

· 10 Best Speed Ladder Drills

· Mental Toughness Training

· Common Mistakes & Myths

· Treadmill Conditioning Program

· 8-week programs (for individuals and teams):

o Speed & Agility

o Strength & Power

o Reaction & Quickness

o Conditioning 

3) Online Training Programs: I am thrilled to announce I have partnered with two different nationally renowned basketball training companies and will be offering customized, online basketball specific strength & conditioning programs. These revolutionary programs will include detailed workout plans along with video clip instructions and demonstrations. They will be designed for every level (beginner through advanced) and for every portion of the training year (off-season, pre-season, and in-season). I have been working on this for well over a year and can’t wait to launch them! 

4) YouTube: I have put an inordinate amount of time and effort into researching the ways I can make my social media presence an even more valuable resource for basketball players and coaches. I will continue to write this weekly blog as well as post daily motivational quotes on Twitter (www.Twitter.com/AlanStein) and Facebook (www.Facebook.com/AlanSteinJr). I will run numerous promotions and giveaways so followers, subscribers and friends can win FREE downloadable documents, magazines, and DVDs. I want to make sure I always give back to the folks who support my work. The major change will be the added focus and attention put on my YouTube channel (www.YouTube.com/StrongerTeamDotCom). I recently purchased a new HD video camera and wireless microphone to improve the production value. I have three killer concepts:

· 100 exercises in 100 days – I got this idea from the folks at Hoop Connection. I plan to post an innovative basketball specific strength & conditioning exercise or drill every day for 100 straight days (beginning April 1st) to create an impressive exercise library for coaches and players.

· Will He Dunk? – I got this idea from a promotion ESPN did last year. I plan to pick a high school aged player who has the goal of being able to dunk a basketball… but isn’t quite there yet. I will then film excerpts from his weekly training program as well as his weekly attempt to dunk (to monitor progress). He will get three chances to dunk a ball at the end of each week. The goal will be to get him throwing it down at the end of the12 weeks!

· Every Basketball Move – I plan to partner with various skills instructors to break down actual on-the-court basketball moves and then prescribe the two or three best strength & conditioning exercises and drills that are most appropriate to supporting that drill. 

5) Certification: After a year in the making, I will finally release my new online certification for high school and AAU coaches: Certified Basketball Strength Coach (CBSC). I realize most coaches do not have the luxury of hiring a strength & conditioning coach for their program nor is this type of training their main area of expertise. This online certification is designed to lay the proper foundation needed to design, supervise and implement a comprehensive, basketball specific, year-round training program. It will focus on the specific needs and demands of a high school (or AAU) coach; without diving too deep into physiology. I am not trying to develop professional trainers; just provide a base level of working knowledge for basketball coaches. The course will include online study materials and an online exam consisting of one hundred randomly selected multiple choice questions such as:

· What age should a player start a training program?

· What should females do differently than males?

· How can I help a player gain weight?

· What is the correct form for a lateral lunge?

· How can I reduce the occurrence of ankle injuries?

· What is the ideal pre-game meal?

· How does the off-season program differ from the pre-season program?

· What are the dangers of plyometrics?

· What constitutes a quality pre-game warm-up? 

Also note, while my goal is to help and positively influence all basketball players, there are two specific groups I plan to pay special attention to in 2010: female players (specifically ACL injury prevention) and younger players (ages 10-13). I am going to dedicate a specific portion of my website to each of these groups and disseminate a plethora of info on the best practices for training them. 

I want to apologize for disabling the “comments” feature on my blog (http://Blog.StrongerTeam.com). I was flooded with dozens of automated SPAM comments each day. I am taking steps to alleviate the issue and plan to re-open the comments section in the New Year as I very much value your feedback. In the meantime, please email me at Alan@StrongerTeam.com to let me know let me know your thoughts and suggestions on these new programs, events, and products as well as if there is anything I have missed. 

My next blog will be my last post of 2009. I will give a full re-cap of the Iolani Classic as well as post insight on “What We Do” (a behind the scenes look at the intricacies of the Montrose basketball program). 

I want to extend a sincere thank you to everyone who has helped me and supported my work this past year. I look forward to, and am honored, to serve you in 2010. 

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season. 

Play hard. Have fun. 

Alan Stein