All sports fans know the excitement of their favorite team trading for an impact player or signing a big-time free agent. Whether they see it on an ESPN scroll or get it from a Twitter or Facebook update, there is always that level of excitement as to how this will help their favorite team.

While the athlete also experiences this excitement, it is usually accompanied by a level of anxiety that is natural when leaving your comfort zone and having to uproot your family from their current home. For an athlete in this situation, having the comfort level to know they can make one phone call and have this entire process handled for them is a tremendous relief.

There are a handful of companies that offer real estate and relocation services exclusively to professional athletes and entertainers, including mine, All Pro Relocation. This service is really designed to eliminate the hassle of getting an athlete from one location to the next.

Whether they are traded mid-season and just need an apartment for a few months or if they have just signed a lucrative free agent deal and are purchasing a luxury home, athletes and their agents are increasingly seeking a one-stop solution that can provide a high-level service in any market.

Typically, an athlete or their agent/financial advisor will reach out to our group in order to let us know they have a need in a new city and our group goes to work. We have a network of real estate professionals throughout the country who are experienced in working directly with professional athletes. I feel that it’s very important to make sure these professionals have worked with athletes in the past because it does require a unique attention to detail and a certain level of discretion and confidentiality.

Once we determine the type of home our client is looking for we go to work to locate the property, provide financing if needed, negotiate the purchase or lease, and coordinate the moving, auto shipping, set up of utilities and all the little details required to complete a successful move.

Athletes love utilizing this type of service because it provides them a piece of mind that their move will be a hassle free process. Additionally, the agents and financial advisors have a sense of comfort that qualified professionals are representing their client's best interests and also allowing them to focus on what they were hired to do.

There is not a lot of glitz and glamour to some of the behind the scenes work that we do for our clients; however, it is an essential service. With the complexities of the current real estate market, we also educate our clients on the important decisions they have to make and can save them hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Jad Richa is the President of All Pro Relocation. His background includes over 10 years of experience in working with professional athletes and over five years of real estate experience. These combined experiences provide the basis for the service that All Pro Relocation provides.