It’s unfortunate to see another former athlete experiencing chaos, suffering, and pain in their life. Keith McCants, former NFL player, is currently living through depression and is suffering and being held hostage by his limiting and false beliefs. He went from having it all to feeling the pain of being at the bottom of the barrel. 
"I wish I had never had any money," he said during an interview with The Tampa Tribune at the Pinellas County jail, where he has been held since April 23 on a fugitive warrant from Mobile. "I would've been great without money. It's a sad story, but it's a true story. Money destroyed everything around me and everything I care for, my family, my so-called friends. I just want enough to live on. I never want to be rich again."
You see McCants has negative thoughts, ideas, and images of money that are blocking him from truly experiencing the peace of mind he seeks. He must tap into new information that will create new thoughts, ideas, and images of money. Money is good! Not evil. Money is ENERGY. McCants, along with 99% of all athletes out there, must learn how to direct the energy.
"I'm trying, really I am," he said. Obviously McCants is operating from false and limiting beliefs. There is no trying. You either do or you do not. It’s all a matter of DOING THE RIGHT THINGS. McCants must get clear on what he wants. Make it definite. Then back it with definite plans. Then he can DO THE RIGHT THINGS and transform his life into what he truly desires. However, in his current state of THINKING, he will continue to experience chaos, suffering, and pain.
"I don't know much about the demons that Keith is fighting," said former Bucs teammate Ian Beckles, an offensive lineman who also was drafted in 1990. "It's scary to see all of this. It's easy for people to judge him and say he has done all this stupid stuff, but he has a disease. I just know that deep down, he's not a bad guy. Maybe a very naive guy, but not a bad guy."
Even his teammate is quoted here saying “...but he has a disease,” and he's also “Maybe a very naive guy...” Is that an empowering or disempowering statement? McCants, and most every other player is bombarded with disempowering statements (and disempowering situations) that get impressed upon the sub-conscious mind. Our emotional mind, where are feelings are. The sub-conscious mind does not have the ability to reject. It only accepts that which we accept through our conscious thought. McCants conscious awareness clearly leads to false and limiting behavior that is producing negative results. THIS CAN BE CHANGED!
McCants must learn to attract the right people into his life. He goes on to say, "You could say I hung around the wrong people, but I think it was more that the wrong people came around me. I was green. I gave people the benefit of the doubt. I was trying to help them." Once McCants gets clear on his purpose, vision, and goals, he can then attract the people who are FOR his purpose and let go of the people who are not. Too many of us hang on to people who are WITH when times are good but nowhere to be found when times are bad. Let them go!
McCants must learn to let go of the false and limiting beliefs such as, "I can make money again. What I can't get again is my body, my mind." Your MIND McCants is the only possession you own that you can take control of and direct it to the ends of your own choosing. All you have to do is get with someone who can lead your MIND into THINKING habits that will create the life you ultimately wish to experience. One of peace, happiness, and lasting fulfillment.
Here are some lessons to take away with you:
1.        You have the power to change your beliefs. Your attitude, the way you THINK, FEEL, and ACT is a reflection of your beliefs. The way to change your beliefs and your attitude on life is to reprogram your MIND with thoughts, ideas, and images that are aligned with your PURPOSE, VISION, and GOALS.
2.       The clearer you become on what your PURPOSE and VISION are, the easier it is to set GOALS that are aligned with the PURPOSE and VISION. You could say your vision represents what you are doing with your life, while your goals represent the various aspects of how you’re doing it as your purpose explains why.
3.       Keep the people who are FOR you in your life. Let go of the ones who are just WITH you when times are good.