One must always know what it is that makes them the happiest in life.  Besides the obvious things that make me elated to be living (family, and friends), football makes my life worthwhile everyday!  Whether playing football, coaching in a camp, or going to my current job as a student assistant for the Crimson Tide football program, football is a passion of mine that I will keep in my life for as long as possible. I don't ever see my life without it.  What can I say, when I play I am good, and when I coach, I give my ultimate effort to make any player I come across better both mentally and physically. Now that the off-season is here, I must accomplish things that I have set out for myself, but on the top of the list is to continue living my dream that I talked about in my previous entry.

So how is the dream coming? Well after the season, I can now reflect on the opportunity and experience I now have from a year of Minor league football.  After being the Birmingham Wildfire's leading receiver in all statistical categories, being an avid down the field blocker for SFL MVP RB Eric Gray (former Bama CB), I was apart of an undefeated (11-0) Championship winning Wildfire team that blew through competition.  Winning championships has been missing in my football career since day one, but now that I have my first, I want many more to come, wherever I play!  While being named to the league All-Star team made me feel a sense of personal accomplishment, the Gold Trophy in which our team coveted is what makes me most proud. It is greater to be apart of something more important than our individual self. This is something that every athlete should play by because it ensures that as long as we the athlete do everything in our power to join the team concept on winning, we have fulfilled our duty as a player/teammate to be held accountable. Just like any other job, being held accountable for our actions is all that we can ask for. "Leave nothing" is a headline for the Nike football ad-campaign. But to go further than those two words- "Leave nothing, but a legacy..." That is what I am doing, and attempting to do wherever my name is mentioned and wherever I can affect those around me.

The dream is still intact and I am still living proof that all we need to do in our lives is believe in yourself and always stay passionate to God and our dreams. Then anything is obtainable. Impossible is truly nothing!


-Darwin "the Bomb" Salaam #12

"I can accept failure, but I can't accept not trying."

-Michael Jordan