The message of change is going to spread from the voting both to the sports announcer's booth.

Very shortly, the new message will be one of performance and results, not just on the playing field, but everywhere the fans live and breathe.

We will all soon see a major change in how athletes are represented and supported. It's going to be a more simplified process.

The team concept is truly going to come into play more than the superstar being the focus. It will be team logos, history, and the brand that will supersede individual performance and personal accolades.

Supply and demand is the economic and real life equalizer. It's going to be based on money and the basic joy and satisfaction the consumer receives.

The fans will have greater choices and in fact demand more for their dollar.  They will very shortly start demanding something to be fanatical about and become educated.

Accountability and results will be the benchmark for how all things will be decided.

It made sense to dream about going to the stadium to see your favorite superstar, to ask for an autograph, etc.

In the past, whatever happened off the field, stayed off the field. 

Today, our sports stars leave nothing to the imagination, and when the fans stop dreaming, they are going to wake up, and the world of professional sports will be living a nightmare.