The first days of a pro…

Hey everyone, so after all the drama of going through the draft and discussing contract information, I have finally gotten passed all that and made my way to Vermont. Day 1 meetings and seeing all new faces of new guys and returners and knowing that for the most part they all just went through the same stuff. After getting all the paperwork out of the way, it was time to get down to business. The first 3 days were what they like to call mini camp. It was definitely a rough three days. The days were long and jam packed with every possibly bit they could fit in a day to get set for game1.    

Then the day first professional game. We played the Oneonta Tigers who are the single A affiliate of the Detroit Tigers. The old stadium of Vermont was filled with 3000 fans and it was such an experience. Just walking up to the field after bp in full uniform and thinking to myself this is it, your career as a professional baseball player has now begun. It was nothing like I had ever done before. This game that I have played my entire life now had new meaning because I was now at the top level. But even though I had gotten through the process of getting drafted, I was nowhere near done reaching my goal. This will be a long and eventful year and I’m really excited to get to work everyday. The training for my ultimate goal has now begun. I have gotten this far and there is nothing that will stand in my way now to get to the end of the line and burst through the tape to my dream.

I’ll be letting ya’ll know weekly how things are going, but til next time this is James Keithley and thanks for reading.