As an active outdoor distant runner and former competitive athlete, the new i360 Music Infused Headband by SoundEscapes, Inc. was the right fit for me. 

“The i360 features a patented internal wiring system with dual detachable speakers integrated into custom headwear that gives the wearer the option of inserting their iPod Nano or second generation Shuffle.”

It is a very simple concept that makes it easier and more comfortable for athletes to actively listen to their iPod Nano or Shuffle. The i360 product line presents the world of wireless technology!! This means no more irritating earphones that are either too tight and cause your inner ears to get sore or that constantly fall out while you are training.  

The iPod fits into a designated spot in the headband, where the face is exposed so you can control the volume and skip through songs on your playlist while training.

The i360 Music Infused ApparelTM product line offers different styles of the Music Infused Headband depending on what type of iPod you use, your material preference, and the design that best fits your personal style.

The Infused Headband that SoundEscapes was so kind to send me is designed to carry the iPod Nano. It is made out of a comfortable and high-quality material that allows your skin to breathe and keeps your ears warm during the winter months.  

Over the past few weeks, I have worn my i360 Infused Headband during my 4 mile runs. No more wires and no more annoying earphones in my ears.  Having the speakers in the headband itself offers a unique advantage—I am able to set the volume of the iPod so I can hear the music perfectly, but at the same time, not shut myself out of my surroundings while running in traffic on the streets. The placement of the speakers inside the headband creates a “buffer zone” of sorts that allows the listener to hear background noises and the music at the same time. With earphones, it is very hard to hear when traffic is coming unless the music is turned down low.  

When using the Infused Headband, make sure you have a long playlist and you like all the tracks, as it’s a little difficult to change the song after you put the headband on and you don’t want to interrupt your workout by taking it off.

The i360 Music Infused Headband has a proven design that I would like to recommend to my fellow athletes, whether you are warming up on the basketball court, training on the football field, doing sprints or long distances runs, enjoying the winter sports, or just getting in the zone!

As a special promotion to all AccessAthletes members and readers of The Real Athlete Blog, SoundEscapes is offering 50% off the purchase price of the Music Infused Headband (a $20 savings). To take advantage of this promotion, use Accessi360 as the promotional code when making a purchase at Click on the "my account" tab at the upper right hand side of the website to create a customer account.

Additionally, SoundEscapes will be releasing two new product lines very soon, including the Music Infused Beanies and Music Infused Hat Beanies.

I would like to thank Kellie McCoy (Marketing Director of SoundEscapes Inc.) for allowing to review the new i360 product line. Check out to browse the i360 product line or contact Kellie at if you have any questions.