Well that's it. The pro tour is finished for the season, and it concluded in Reno, NV. I can't believe how early it finished this year. I have to say Reno is a good place to hold the final stop. When you're not at the site there is plenty to do at the casino. I gave myself a $100 budget at the casino, and ended up doubling it the first night. From there I went up about $30 more dollars. I'd say that's pretty good considering a few of my friends went in the hole about $1000. But I wasn't looking to earn a ton of money, just for some entertainment each night.

On the water there was a little bit of an upset when Adam Erington Edged out Rusty Malinoski in the quarter finals. That pushed Rusty from 2nd to 3rd in the overall standings, leaving JD Webb in second place. I'll give you one guess who won the whole thing: Phillip Soven. He took home the tour title with relative ease.

Saturday I nearly missed my run and had to ride in my regular clothes because I didn't even have time to change. Well, it worked to my advantage I guess because I had my best run to date and won my heat, putting me in a good spot on Sunday. This season, I ended up in 13th place overall, only a few points short of my goal of making the top 10.

That was followed by a clinic in Sacramento, and now I am in Charlotte working on a tv show pilot for VH1. Stay posted for updates and pics on my website.

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