So here I am again writing you about this unbelievable journey I am on. We made our first trip to Lowell, Massachusetts to play the lowell spinners who are the Boston Red Sox affiliate. All three games were some of the best games I have ever been a part of. All three games were decided in the 9th inning.

The first game ended in a walk off home run in favor of them. The second was a go ahead home run by us hit by robby jacobsen and the third game was decided by a walk off hit for them. Even though they got the the better end in 2 of the games and took the series, the games were so much fun.

Also another big thing was in game 2,  I ended up getting my first professional hit and my first stolen base. So it definitely felt good to have an average finally.

After these games, we then headed back home for a long homestand. The home crowd greeted us with open arms. We hadn’t had a winning record, but yet we were still playing pretty good baseball. We ended up being 3 and 6 in the first 9 games. Then we finally turned it around and won 7 straight to bump that record around and get in first place in our division.

The life on the road so far is actually pretty easy. Every day its the same routine...wake up and grab some breakfast. Then after that relax around the hotel, then grad some lunch before we gotta hit the field. Once we did that, we just get to the cages to get some early work in, then back to the clubhouse to hang out until batting practice. After batting practice, had a little bit of a break again and then game time. Then sure enough we repeat the same thing the next day. Now these few trips to Lowell and Tri City weren’t too bad because they weren’t that long of a drive. But coming up we have our longest trips of all. So in a few days i will be letting you know how those go, could be a rough one going all the way to Ohio on a bus.

-But until then this is James Keithley once again over and out.