Hello Everyone.  It’s a month into the season now and things are going well.  A few changes have occurred since opening day. I have had a pretty good start playing with the Gateway Grizzlies, but have been moved around in the field and the lineup not knowing my role on the team. Manager Phil Warren and I thought that it would be best for my career to find a place where I can be in the outfield everyday. They needed a catcher and the Chillicothe Paints needed a centerfielder. So about two weeks in, I got traded to the Paints where I am enjoying my new team and role as an everyday centerfielder and am now hitting in the two spot. At first it was hard for me to get comfortable, but I am excited to be with this group of guys. They were happy to find out I was coming and took me in like I have been playing with them from the beginning. Our record is about .500, but we are definitely a better team then we have shown. I have been playing well putting the ball into play and not striking out as much, but not getting the results I'd like. Baseball is all about ups and downs and I am a player who doesn’t let the downs get to me.  I know that things will go my way, all I have to do is to keep working hard and doing the things I know I can do.

This past week Gateway came to our park and it was good to see my old teammates. I did very well against them, going about 6-13 with about 10 runs scored. Then we came to their place and I struggled a bit, but still hitting the ball hard, just right at people. It was good to see my old host family and a lot of the friends I made at Gateway. It’s great playing all over because the more places you play the more good people you meet and relationships you develop that will stay with you for the rest of your life. We took 2 of 3 and are 3 and 3 on the road with a 3 game serious at Evansville, Indiana wrapping up the road trip. It’s great when you’re on the road because it gives you a chance to get to know the team a little more, a little team bonding.

My buddy Alex Merricks made the same move and now is playing in the United League with the San Angelo Colts. He is going to get the opportunity to start and I am looking forward to see how he does. Like Alex, I have my friends who I like to check up on, seeing how guys are doing; from guys I played college with, to guys from the Red Sox organization. Its always nice to see players doing well that I know, that I can say I played with them and hopefully guys look me up and do the same. AccessAthletes is great for this, it’s like facebook or myspace, giving me the opportunity to follow players throughout their careers.

If anyone has any questions on Independent Baseball, life on the road, anything, I would love to share my knowledge with anyone. It’s very interesting and I think a lot of people don’t know what we actually go through and experience. I am going to try to update my blogs more often now and am looking forward to your responses.