As a basketball player or coach, you may start to feel overwhelmed now that the season has begun. It can be tough to balance school, practice, games, and quality time with your family and friends. It may seem difficult to fit everything in and live a balanced life.

Know this - you will never find time for anything during the hectic season. You have to make time for the things that are important to you. If you truly love something, you will make the time for it. Time is never the problem… after all… each of us gets 24 hours in a day. Lack of passion and focus is the real problem!

When a player or coach tells me they “don’t have time” to do something… I know they don’t want it bad enough. Whether it’s reading a motivational book, getting in an in-season strength workout, having a nice dinner with your family, or getting up an extra 250 shots after practice… you have to make the time. “Not enough time” is just a convenient excuse.
Great players and great coaches get more out of their 24 hours than their competition does.
If you want to maximize each practice, I highly recommend you make the time to go through a thorough warm-up and get mentally and physically prepared to compete. Believe me, it is time very well invested.
Click here to watch a DeMatha Basketball Pre-Practice Warm-up:
I also encourage you to make the time for a quick post-practice stretch to help improve flexibility and remove lactic acid build-up (which will help reduce soreness the following day).
Click here to watch a DeMatha Basketball Post Practice Stretch:
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Alan Stein
PS: I am going to start to post shorter blogs (more frequently). Given how busy you will be this season, shorter posts are more appropriate. I hope you continue to make the time to read them! Please let me know if you like the change in format. I value your feedback.