My name is Scott Chambers and I am currently a student at CSU (colorado state university) and I played football there for a few years before having to stop due to academic issues from changing my major and setting myself back too far to catch up. I played TE/DE while i was there and loved it and have always been looking for a way to get back into football, mainly playing as it was a lot of fun.

While playing for CSU, I offered to play punter due to my rugby background. I was a fairly good and experienced punter as you call it over here, but upon approaching coaches, I was told to not try and be something I clearly couldn't be even though they had never actually seen me punt.

I currently work very closely with the football team to stay involved and still learn more and get better even though I cannot play. So my questions were:

1. What do I need to do to get recognized as a punter or any other position by pro teams, etc.?

2. If I got footage of me punting who would I send it to if I wanted to get some notice from NFL teams or at least get looked at by other professional leagues?

3. When getting footage, who and how many people do you need to witness this event to prove that you are not editing it yourself?

4. I know there are not many punters, if any my size, but is that such a disadvantage having a big guy as your last line of defense on punts?

5. How do I showcase any other abilities I have from playing TE/DE from my CSU days even though I didn't get much playing time due to being foreign?

6. Is the fact that I am foreign going to cause people to overlook me?

7. As I never got a chance to attend the NFL Combine and was never drafted, how do I land workouts with NFL teams?

8. I have been looking into other teams such as AFL teams and even attended Colorado Crush tryouts, but what other teams are around here and how do I find them and info about their tryouts or market myself to them?

Thank you and I look forward to your input as I'm just an ex-college athlete who wants to do it again, but can't due to a major change setting myself back a year and the NCAA keeping me in school longer to meet the requirements of my new major. I understand the rules and they can't make exceptions, or otherwise they would have to for everyone.  I would just like a little guidance about the prospects, if any, for continuing my football career.

Thank You,