In all I think if I break up my day, at least 10 hours of it consist of something baseball related. But even though that is true, I actually do have a life outside of it that consists of many different things.

Even though I am living a life that most people dream about, it’s still tough to leave certain things back home. Now, if you remember I live in Vermont, but am from Texas so that is a huge change. Where I lived in Texas and played college ball was about a 10 minute drive from my dad’s house. So it was definitely very nice to be able at any point in time call him up and just be like hey pops you want to grab some dinner tonight. So life here without my dad is kind of different and I know its killing him not getting to watch baseball all the time anymore. 

Another thing important in my life as well are my friends and to leave them out of my life for a while is also rough. I had to just pick up here where I didn’t know too many people and basically start a whole new life. I also have a wonderful girlfriend back home whom I love spending so much of my time with, and over the last 3 months, I was lucky enough to even see her at all. It was only for 3 days though and not having her around is definitely something I miss dearly.

So as much fun as I am having up here playing ball, it’s actually a real test of how bad I want it. Even though it’s a childhood dream, there are many things that you have to sacrifice to try and meet your goals. If you're sitting there wondering if I regret my decision to go pro, the answer is no way! Sometimes as tough as times get, you have got to look at the overall goal and in my life I have wanted nothing more in the entire world than to play at the big league level. My outside life has to be put on hold during the season and I’ll just have to pick that up when I move back to Texas. If you don’t got a dream in life, then you're just not living the right way.

Til next time this is James and we’ll see ya.