Hey Whassup to all. Hope everyone who is reading this blog is doin well and havin a great day. I had to take time out of my day to HOLLA at AccessAthletes.com.  Before I start, I first of must thank Matt and AccessAthletes to the utmost for supporting my basketball situation. I really must thank you and want to let you know I appreciate it.  For all of you who read the article about me and going overseas to continue my basketball career after my junior year of college, I just want to tell you guys that I am doin well. I am learning more and becoming a better basketball player and more important a better person everyday. I must say being over here is a little difficult being away from your family, but I have made the adjustment and want to let you know I am doing just fine.

I would personally encourage all athletes around the world to become a part of AccessAthletes.com because it is a great site and besides it's my personal favorite...haha...and has the potential to be one of the biggest sports sites on the web.  And then once it gets big, you can tell your friends you been apart of that.  So I figure hey why not join now because there is always all types of networking to be done no matter what sport you play...Not only that, it's just so great of a site because the staff of AccessAthletes are great people and it's nothin better than dealing with great people.  The difference is if you're an athlete, you can reach out to Matt or one of the staff members and talk to them about your situation and they can help. So I would like to end this by sayin I salute this site with the UTMOST RESPECT AND BE LOOKING OUT FOR MY NEW BLOGS COMING.

Check out some of my pictures ballin overseas.