One of my high school players asked me if I will teach Luke and Jack that they "can be anything they want to be when they grow up."

I said “nope.”

They were shocked! 
They thought that’s what parents were supposed to teach their kids.
Not me. Why won’t I teach them that? It isn’t true.
You can’t be anything you want to be. But you can be anything you deserve to be.
There is a significant difference between wanting and deserving
Wanting it is not enough. Everyone wants it. Only a few deserve it.
And what is the “it” I am referring too?
People put too much energy in the wanting part. All they do is sit around wishing, dreaming, and hoping for success.
Instead, they need to put their energy into deserving success. They need to put their focus into earning success. They have to put on their hard hat, roll up their sleeves, and work for success.
Don’t get it twisted… there is nothing wrong with having dreams. You should have dreams!
But unless you actively pursue those dreams with effort, determination, and persistence … they are meaningless.
Do you want to make the varsity team this year? Do you deserve to?
Do you want to win a championship? Do you deserve to?
Do you want to play basketball at the next level? Do you deserve to?
Elite level players and championship caliber programs know the difference between wanting and deserving success. Your pre-season program is when you make that distinction. Are you doing everything in your power to deserve success once the season starts?
Do I believe Luke and Jack can be anything they deserve to be when they grow up? Absolutely.
And I will begin teaching them that at a very young age.
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Train hard. Train smart.
Alan Stein
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