Being out on the field and playing under the lights has been a lot of fun. Getting back into game situations where the adrenaline starts to pump and the game is close creates a lot of excitement for me. When I am sitting in the bullpen in close game situations and we are on defense, my heart starts to beat a little bit faster and I am anxious to hear the pitching coach call my name and tell me to get “hot!” I didn’t realize how much I missed being on the field and being the guy that comes in when the game gets tight or to keep the game close. My last 3 outings have been good. I have given up a few hits and runs, but I am focused on attacking the target. I plan to keep working hard and hopefully soon I will be playing the role of a starter. My goal is to be a successful starter in the big leagues and I know that I can make that happen.

-Alex Merricks