Athlete Development

  • Inspiring story about Michael Jasper, 7th round draftee for the Buffalo Bills. The 6-foot-5 nose tackle, who now weighs in the 370-pound range, has such a positive attitude and hunger to succeed. I really look forward to seeing him on the field soon (after the lockout ends of course). [Jasper overcomes enormous odds on journey to NFL]


  • UFC President Dana White gets it: “You don’t want someone else running your business. You are your business. You should know everything about it, no matter how much you trust whoever is handling your [money]. You should know 100 percent what is going on with your life and with your business.” [Fighter summit educates about finances]
  • Speaking of insurance, our friend "Big Daddy" was featured in this recent WSJ profile. He and his partners are dominating their niche and are always educating and informing pro athletes about the importance of being properly insured, especially during this unique time with the NFL labor dispute.  [An Insurance Man to the Stars]

Human Relations

  • All-Pro NFL safety Troy Polamalu truly understands the value of education and finishing what you have started. [Troy Polamalu gets his college degree]
  • Former football Alabama football star and 6-year NFL veteran Keith McCants has been arrested 11 times since 2002, undergone 29 surgeries, been addicted to pain killers and abused cocaine, suffers from clinical depression and early stages of dementia, and has considered suicide. This is such a sad story considering McCants is only 43 years old and still has a lot of life left. [Former Bucs player McCants is broke, suffering]