Athlete Development

  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is on a short list of the greatest NBA players of all time, and one would think most folks looking to improve their basketball skills and IQ would heed the Hall of Famer’s advice. Enter former No. 1 overall pick, Michael Olowokandi. The NBA all-time career scorer still harbors some frustration with the former Los Angeles Clippers center, claiming the “Kandi man” was “a player who fits the description of ‘talented but uncoachable’” after his coaching stint with the Clippers. [Kareem Abdul Jabbar says a former NBA first round pick can’t take constructive criticism] 
  • After a breakout season with the Houston Texans, NFL rushing-leader Arian Foster answers questions about his journey from being an undrafted rookie in 2009, to becoming one of the league’s premiere running backs. [Q&A with Texans Pro Bowler Arian Foster]
  • As many folks struggle to balance their budgets and plan for retirement, pro athletes are no different. Fortunately, there are people like Mark Doman, senior vice president of True Capital Management, which provides investment advice and financial planning for numerous NFL, NBA and MLB athletes. Doman took some time out of his busy schedule to discuss his unique work with ESPN’s Jared Zwerling. [Mark Doman advises pro athletes on financial responsibility and preparing for life after sports]
  • With pro basketball in the thick of their lockout, Yahoo! Sports reports the sport’s most powerful agents met this week about their growing discontent with NBA Players Association Executive Director Billy Hunter’s diplomatic approach and reluctance to decertify the union. Their belief is the union’s current stance provides NBA owners and commissioner David Stern more leverage to offer their clients a lopsided CBA. As a result, the agents have discussed many tactics to counter Hunter’s leadership, including convincing their clients to vote to decertify, with or without Hunter’s support. [NBA agents meet, want union to decertify and seek labor lawsuit]
  • After so much scandal and controversy surrounding college sports, ESPN columnist Pat Forde weighs in on the debate of whether NCAA athletes are exploited, or are overlooking the benefit of receiving a college education through sports, without accumulating thousands of dollars in student loan debt. [Myth of exploited, impoverished athletes]
  • George Washington University develops a MBA program tailored for current and retired professional athletes, so they can make a smooth transition off the court, field, etc. [Pro athletes at GWU MBA program]
Human Relations
  • Mike Tyson has decided to settle down and commit to the simple life of a registered nurse in Michigan. At least for a couple of days. The Hall of Fame boxer recently participated in a new reality TV series airing on CBS entitled, “Same Name.” In this show, the retired boxer meets another Mike Tyson, who spends his free time playing hockey and switches places with him for a weekend. [Trading places with Mike Tyson]
  • Lakers star Ron Artest is known as much for his outlandish, and entertaining antics as his accomplished NBA career. Artest once served a 73-game suspension for an ugly brawl as a member of the Indiana Pacers, which included physically assaulting Detroit Pistons fans. Now, several years removed from that incident, the mild-mannered 31-year-old wants to try stand up. He recently debuted at the Ultimate Comedy Tour at the Improv in Hollywood. [Ron Artest debuts his comedy career]
  • Nets forward Sasha Vujacic and Tennis star Maria Sharapova are successful athletes who have won championships in their respective sports. Plus, they are engaged. How do they make it work? The same ways we do. Sort of. The star couple talks about balancing their demanding work schedules and time to invest in their relationship. [Vujacic, Sharapova talk love and sports between pro athlete couples]
  • USA Women's Track and Field star Kellie Wells is one of the top hurdlers in the world. Many feel she will be a centerpiece in returning Team USA to glory in London’s 2012 Olympics. Yet, few know of her tough past. She spoke to The PostGame about dealing with abuse, fear and the loss of her mother during her childhood. [USATF Hurdler Kellie Wells embraces troubled past]