The Real Athlete Blog, a division of Access Athletes, is launching the Ask The Expert series in conjunction with SportsAgentBlog (the leading resource for sports agent news) for the purpose of educating athletes.  The series will feature qualified sports professionals who will field questions from both the readers of The Real Athlete Blog and SportsAgentBlog.  We will be seating an array of qualified experts from the sports industry, including certified agents, trainers, financial advisers, tax specialists, coaches, lawyers, social media consultants, etc.

How does it work? A qualified sports professional (the Expert) will sit on the "hot seat" for about a week and you will have an opportunity to ask them any questions relating to their expertise.  We will then post the questions and the Expert's answers on the blog in the Ask The Expert column.

To submit a question to the designated Expert, follow this link on The Real Athlete Blog. The Expert's bio will be featured here and below it will be a form where you can submit your questions to the Expert.  You can also tweet your questions to @AccessAthletes or @darren_heitner on Twitter.

Our first guest to grace the Expert "hot seat" is Emery B. Sheer, Managing Partner of Berenfeld, LLP. Mr. Sheer oversees both the Business Management & Advisory Group and the firm's Sports & Entertainment Division, Berenfeld Legacy Group. You may submit questions for Mr. Sheer until Tuesday, August 25.

We have already received tremendous interest in this column and look for it to be a big hit.

If you are a sports professional and interested in participating in the Ask The Expert series, please contact Matthew Allinson ( or Darren Heitner ( for more details.  Also, if you would like to become a featured sponsor of the column and get your company in front of top athletes and sports professionals, please contact