At the close of All-Star Weekend last night, did anyone else feel like something was missing? Aside from the “Big JabbaWockeeZ,” or as Marv Albert would say the “Big Wakajabby,” no one really stunned me or put on a good show. I started to see Pro-bowl-like efforts and maybe $45,000 should have been offered as an incentive. I will never be convinced that the East is that much worse than the West. Not only was the highlight that is All-Star Weekend lacking competitiveness, but I also began to feel like I was watching the WWE. Yes Shaqtus has moves, but there appeared to be too much story line this weekend and not enough Hooping! I am truly surprised that Vince McMahon…I mean David Stern, allowed the level of theatrics in this year's Dunk Contest. If it wasn’t for Nasty Nate Robinson, I would have hit up Dre and Snoop and called it a Wash.

I have to give props to Derrick Rose for his performance in the Skills Challenge. He is truly a gifted player. I also must shout out my hometown hero “The Truth” Paul Pierce. He always plays well at All-Star Weekend with limited time, but seems to fly under the radar. Does anyone else feel there are better coaches in the eastern conference than Mike Brown? He handled the game like it was a joke, lacking the ability to exploit match-ups when there were plenty of opportunities to do so. The game could have been much more entertaining if Brown had made defensive substitutions.

The highlight of the weekend was the Rookie Sophomore Game. It was great! Those guys came to show off their talent and competed up until the last 5 minutes or so in the fourth quarter. The H-O-R-S-E competition was actually more exciting at times than the Dunk Contest.

With Lebron announcing his intentions to compete in the Dunk Contest next year, I have no choice but to clear my schedule again for next year's All-Star Weekend. Hopefully next year in Dallas, they come to play Basketball and leave the gimmicks at home!